Outdoor Venues Overview

Village Venues

VenuesCapacity (Standing)Walking Distance
from Village
Whistler Olympic Plaza8,000 YesNo (grass)Map
Mountain Square2,500YesNoMap
Rebagliati Park750 / 250 (tented)YesNo (grass)Map
Skier's Plaza10,000YesNoMap
Town Plaza600YesNoMap
Village Common600YesNoMap
Village Square2,500YesNoMap
Whistler Golf Club Driving Range>5000YesNo (grass)Map

On-Mountain Venues

VenuesCapacity (Standing)Walking Distance
from Village
Whistler Blackcomb Base II
**This space may not be used if the Tube Park proves a better venue for event use.
10,000No (gondola)No Map
Whistler Blackcomb Tube Park6,700 (3,000 chairs plus grass seating up hillside)No (gondola)No(grass)Map
Whistler Sliding Centre2150 / 200 (tent)No (gondola)YesMap

Nearby Venues

VenuesCapacity (Standing)Walking Distance
from Village
Cougar Mountain200NoNoMap
Edgewater Outdoor Centre1,000NoYes (grass & limited)Map
Lost Lake Park - Event Area500*NoNo (grass)Map
Myrtle Phillip School FieldsField 7 - 6,500 m2 (10,000† cap.)
Field 8 - 6,000 m2 (10,000† cap.)
Infield - 900 m2 (1,500† cap.)
NoNo (grass)Map
Rainbow Park800* - 3,000 (standing)NoNo (grass)Map
Spring Creek Community School Field3,200 m2 (5,000† cap.)NoNo (grass)Map
Spruce Grove Baseball Fields10,000NoYes (grass & limited)Map
Whistler Bungee Bridge (Special)200+ (tented)NoNoMap
Whistler High School FieldsSand field - 7,000 m2
(11,000† cap.)
Practice field - 3,500 m2
(6,000† cap.)
NoNo (grass)Map
Whistler Olympic Park, Callaghan Valley20,000NoYes, limited & GrassMap
Sea to Sky Corridor Airways & Waterway    

† Estimated capacity of outdoor fields is calculated on approximately 0.6 metres per person. Whistler's Fire Code requires 0.4 metres per person, however, this value does not take into account the number and size of fire exits, the amount of infrastructure on site (e.g. stages, fencing, chairs, tables, etc.) and liquor licenses, all of which reduce capacity.

* Seated with table rounds and support services, e.g. food and beverage facilities.