Accommodation Requests

If your event qualifies for complimentary room support, the following guidelines must be reviewed and followed:

Room Requests for Independent External Event Organizers

  • Complimentary rooms will be requested only when there is a deemed direct value to the hosting property. Room requests should be submitted 6 months prior to the event
  • Initial contact with accommodation Members regarding room support will be handled through Tourism Whistler, specifically, Tourism Whistler's Room Allocation Coordinator
  • Tourism Whistler will act as a central organizing body and will assist the event organizer with contacting the accommodation Members with room requests
  • The event organizer will be responsible for producing all information material regarding the request for room support
  • The event organizer will be responsible for booking and managing the room lists for each event
  • The event organizer will be responsible for paying the property directly and immediately, unless otherwise agreed upon by the organizer and property
  • The above mentioned terms applied to individual room requests also apply to independent External Event Organizers

Event organizers may approach the properties in one of two ways:

  • Accommodation Partnerships
    The organizers of the event may, on a limited basis, offer accommodation partner arrangements to property managers who wish to provide complimentary rooms in exchange for marketing exposure. The event organizers will send an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the accommodation Members through the Room Allocation Coordinator and evaluate the response to determine if there are any appropriate partnership opportunities. Room support may be provided by Members and in return, they will receive agreed upon marketing exposure, and, depending upon the details of the partnership, preferred status within the booking process. Event organizers are asked to negotiate the details of these contracts with assistance from Tourism Whistler.
  • Paid Rooms
    The event organizer will be required to pay a Housekeeping Rate for all other rooms required over and above any rooms obtained through accommodation partnerships. The rates charged will be as per the Housekeeping Rate schedule detailed below, including the provision for a rate higher than the Housekeeping Rate but not exceeding the average daily rate (ADR) when the property is at capacity. All applicable taxes will be additional.

Housekeeping Rates:

Housekeeping Rates (All applicable taxes, excluding any additional resort tax as levied by the individual property, are additional to the scheduled rates):

  • studio/standard hotel room - $65
  • 1 bedroom - $75
  • 2 bedroom - $105
  • 3 bedroom - $130

Cancellation Policy: For complimentary and housekeeping rate bookings that are cancelled within 48 hours of arrival and guests that 'no show' or leave early, the event producer is responsible for paying a housekeeping rate to the property at the discretion of the property. Each event guest must provide a valid credit card upon check-in.

Other Terms

The event organizers will be required to agree to the following terms:

  • Negotiations will be held directly with the properties for parking requirements. In some cases, the properties may not be able to offer complimentary parking.
  • No shows are the responsibility of the event organizer. If a room has been requested and the participant does not show, it is the event organizer's responsibility to notify the property 48 hours in advance or the Housekeeping Rate will apply. This also applies to guests who leave early (e.g. a team that has decided to pull out of the competition).
  • The event organizers agree to minimize last-minute changes where possible; although the details of the guests may change, the total room request must be made no later than 1 month prior to the event.
  • Requirements for additional equipment storage, ski waxing facilities, meeting rooms or other special arrangements must be made directly with the properties and are subject to their restrictions. Charges may apply.
  • Housekeeping services may be reduced or limited, based on the group's requirements. VIP's should be accurately identified in all cases.
  • Health club access may be restricted, depending on the group.
  • Gift drops, bell portage and business services will all be charged at applicable rates and must be negotiated with the accommodation providers directly.
  • Master and individual billing arrangements must be discussed with the accommodation providers as per their existing policies, and will vary by property.