Event Attendee Survey Tools

Based on the level of support determined by the Whistler Event Application, Tourism Whistler is able to provide assistance in creating a variety of survey tools that can help the event producer understand and measure their event attendees, and gauge the overall success of the event.

There are several types of surveys that can be created including: paper-based, tablet-based, terminal-based and/or web-based surveys (hardware and software included). The types of survey created for a particular event is dependent on the event format and the best way to interact with attendees or visitors, and will also be dependent on the lead time prior to the event.

In addition to the creation of surveys, Tourism Whistler can also provide top-line results and potentially a detailed analysis of results and/or an event attendee volume estimation. Costs for survey research are charged per survey response, and can be controlled using a pre-determined quotas for total responses. Event producers will also be asked to cover any incurred labour costs (ex. hourly labour for event surveyors if required).

Tourism Whistler can also provide the event producer research and intelligence information regarding Whistler, visitors, etc.

For additional information or examples of survey research possible for your event, please contact the Research Team at research@tourismwhistler.com